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Mon Aug 20 19:41:04 EDT 2007

We are in a college town as well. We have the support of the faculty, but... they really aren't big spenders. They will buy a box of tomatoes, or squash, and that's it. We don't get many students either. A few, but not many. We have tried advertising in the college paper, with limited results.
We received a grant this year from the dept. of Ag. and our board decided to spend the money on advertising. We have advertised on our local radio stations all summer. The down side is: This was the year of the flood. So many of our growers, ourselves included have a very limited amount of produce, particularly now. Business is great for the bread makers, and certified kitchen people though. I don't think any of them are experiencing the "August slump" and, I think if we had more produce we could certainly be selling a lot more than we are now. I know I'm seeing lots of new faces. What worries me is that they are coming for tomatoes, or cucumbers which are both in short supply and will be frustrated by the lack of and won't come back. We have tried to explain that this year has been unusual, and to please bear with us. Who knows how it will all turn out though.
Carla in Oklahoma 

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