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Our prayers go out for all of you down there and also to al those in Jamaica
that will probably get hit harder.  This may not come out right, but when
you don't ask for a lot, what you do have can usually be sufficient.  God
Bless and keep up the good work.







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Finally heard from partner in Dominica (landlines & cell down almost 2 days;
I'm in U.S. for visit)  after Hurricane Dean swept through.  He and our
household animals got through without injury (Thank you, Jah!).  Tree fell
on farm truck but it can start up and our decrepit rental house got more
decrepit but roof stayed on.  No way to get to farm yet (fallen trees,
landslides), but all reports are that ag on island pretty well decimated by
the wind/rain combo.  This is a land of small farms/farmers who live on the
edge at the best of times. Please send prayers for them all.

What a Sisysphian thing farming is!  And yet my thoughts are of gratitude
for what survived, that we are blessed to have work that lets us be outside
nurturing life, and how to best get going yet again.  

Best wishes to all,



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