[Market-farming] Sales

cjmaness at juno.com cjmaness at juno.com
Fri Aug 17 21:47:49 EDT 2007

Our sales always drop in August. It's too hot for tomatoes right now, and that is what the customers want. Our squash has burned up, and weeks ago when we should have been putting in 2nd and 3rd plantings, we were getting torrential rains every day.
My flowers are burning up, and same thing. Couldn't replant when I needed to. All of our fall crops are in though, and doing OK. We have had about 6 days in a row of temps around 100 and it's hard to put enough water on everything. We're supposed to get a little break from the heat this weekend.
We looked at our records for the last 5 years, and have tried to increase sales for those months that weren't so great. But, August has us stumped. What will grow in this heat?? Nothing but the Johnson grass!
Carla in Oklahoma

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