[Market-farming] Sales

Debbie Moore caverdjmoore at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 17 13:46:06 EDT 2007

>Since the beginning of august, sales and the number of customers have off
greatly at the farmer's markets in my area. Do you think the drop off is
seasonal or because of the economy? Any ideas?

1) Heat.
2) Local gardens now producing.
3) Local gardeners clandestinely and anonymously leaving vegetables in cars 
and on doorsteps of non-gardeners. The odd thing seems to be, that our 
farmers market is stimulating an interest in gardens again, and it's been my 
observation that there seem to be more around this year. Hence more veggies. 
Hence more sharing. Hence less paying customers *sigh*. So, the challenge 
becomes, for the manager and the vendors, how to make the market stimulating 
enough to keep people coming.
4) School starting, parents getting ready to ship kids off to college, 
summer visitors going home.

June also is our peak month, although it slid well into July this year. What 
about everybody else? Is June your best month?

west central Ohio

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