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Another couple factors could be at play (at least I've observed these in our neck of the woods):  

A lot of folks have a small garden or container garden at home, and now is the time that their two or three tomato plants, squash, peppers, etc. are actually starting to produce, so they don't need as many veggies from the market. 

Our markets and roadsides are full of backyard gardeners with a sudden influx of excess veggies at this time of the year (often selling cheaper to get rid of them).  So, more veggies plus the same number of customers equals fewer dollars per vendor.

Now that sweet corn is on (at higher prices this year), customers are so delighted to get something new, and spend their market dollars there, rather than for the traditional veggies. 

Ditto on the impact of school starting too - ours starts in two weeks.  Not looking forward to it!

C. DeBerry
DeBerry Farm
Oakland MD

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Since the beginning of august, sales and the number of customers have off greatly at the farmer’s markets in my area. Do you think the drop off is seasonal or because of the economy? Any ideas?
Andy King
Sunflower King's Farm
Zone 6 PA
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