[Market-farming] tornado/winds

Sue Wells farmersue at hughes.net
Fri Aug 17 06:37:29 EDT 2007

Beth, and anyone else in area, 

I hope you didn't have any damage at the Farmers Market in Plattsburg
yesterday. I saw some coverage on the TV news this morning. Looks like
Plattsburg was hit pretty hard, but didn't hear where anyone was injured,
thank goodness. I was just worried about your Farmers Market.

Grand Isle was hit, then it went over to the Georgia/Milton area. Looks like
South Hero is good. I was in the Farmers Market in Winooski and we heard
about the warning, but too late if it really would have hit us.  We had
quite a bit of wind, but nothing super bad. 

Grand isle had quite a bit of damage, and no electricity, maybe the road is
open by now, but was closed last night. The area fire departments were
working hard

after the incident.

I am from tornado country originally, and I didn't like it there with the
tornadoes, but here, they are so rare and there are no tornado sirens, or
warnings. After yesterday, I am thinking of trying to find a small portable
radio, weather alert device, something to take with me to the Markets, for
my safety and knowledge if another bad storm like this one is anywhere
around me. Does anyone have any ideas? Out of the 4 markets I do, this one
yesterday is the only one I would have a good building to take cover in.  

Sue Wells



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