[Market-farming] Imports in our Local stores

SaladG at aol.com SaladG at aol.com
Sat Aug 11 23:05:16 EDT 2007

A lot of vendors don't really understand we are the one's that need to be 
setting the prices and the quality standards.  Not the grocery.  
I am working with a Local food initiative for our area and am finding what we 
really need is a lot of education of our youth and young farmers that in the 
future we as consumers are going to have a hard time finding locally grown 
foods or even foods produced and processed in this country.  The last stat I have 
found is that around 35% of the foods have been imported or has been 
processes out of this country, this is really going to be something that will have to 
be addressed sometime in the future for our own food safety.  
Most if not all my prices are way above grocery store prices and we have no 
problem selling everything that we take to markets because they know we grow it 
and it was fresh picked, not in a cooler for a week or two.

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