[Market-farming] Tomato tasting contest

Patrick Mulkey Mulkey at tunl.duke.edu
Fri Aug 10 13:33:08 EDT 2007

We just completed our tasting which had 55 varieties. Tomatoes were in two 
different sections slicing and cherry. Sungold always win cherry by big 
margins. I would suggest you look at our website 
http://www.carrborofarmersmarket.com/  Feel free to contact our market 
manager by email for your questions.
Patrick Mulkey
Orange County, NC

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> We have a new, small market - 6 vendors. We want to have a tomato contest 
> as
> a promotional event - have folks vote for the best tasting tomato. We will
> probably do this as a joint venture - one table with all the varieties, 
> not
> at individual booths. Any advice on doing such an event?
> I am assuming we need some volunteers to staff the table, and probably 
> have
> flip charts and colored dots for people to vote? Marbles (or 
> tomatoes)placed
> in jars or some such would be more fun, but we'd have to buy the marbles,
> and I want to do this on the cheap. I have heard of having people vote by
> placing dollar bills in jars, but for one, I don't think our customers 
> would
> jump at that, and second, the host location doesn't like that idea.
> Beth Spaugh
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> Peru NY
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