[Market-farming] New USDA policy for importing small lots of seeds

Pat Meadows pat at meadows.pair.com
Thu Aug 9 13:16:08 EDT 2007

I received the Seed Savers Exchange 'Summer Edition' Booklet today.  An
article in it describes a new and less stringent procedure for importing
small lots of seeds to the USA.  

I don't think they check on informal shipments between friends (and in
plain envelopes!).... but the new policy may make it easier to convince a
seed company in another country to ship to the USA.  

The requirements, as described in the article, are pretty easy to fulfill.
It can be no more than 50 seeds of a variety at a time, and no more than 50

Website which explains it:  www.theseedsite.co.uk/aphis.html  - the link
here to the USDA page doesn't work.  

Here's the applicable USDA page:  


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