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>This is from the NY Times and is thought provoking, to say the least. Nita Garcia 

It's also pretty much irrelevant to reality, considering Peak Oil and
Global Warming.  Transporting goods (which can be produced most anywhere)
across the world has got to stop if the world is to remain inhabitable. The
world just cannot afford it any longer.

The writer is confused.  He's missing the essential point which is that
people must adapt their diet to what *can* be produced sustainably and

For example, if the Brits cannot grow lamb sustainably (although in reality
they can and they do), then they had better find something else to eat. 

If sweet potatoes cannot be grown sustainably in my local area, then I'd
better grow and eat winter squash instead.  If oranges won't grow here, I'd
better learn to get my Vitamin C from something that can be grown here,
such as cabbage or rose hips.  

Incidentally, a friend of mine wrote an excellent article about this.  It's
here:  http://casaubonsbook.blogspot.com/2007/08/eat-local-real-local.html

In Pennsylvania's Northern Tier, northeastern USA.

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