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sue roseman swissy at socket.net
Fri Aug 3 16:06:38 EDT 2007

Hi Andy!
I ditto the ASCFG membership. Also Lynn's book is a must and if you can go see her speak anywhere that would be good also.  She is very helpful.  I have been growing cut flowers for the market since 1989 .  I have grown in 2 different zones and states  The one thing I will say is it "Ain't easy' like some think.  Lots of hard work just like veggies as I have grown them also.

Doooooooo charge enough for your work as alot of flower growers seem to not do that.  If your flowers are top notch you will get the money.  Also ditto on presentation.  We have a stand made out of old barn boards with holes cut in it.  I use bright red cups for the flowers.  People know my bouquets at the market now because of that.  So do something to catch their eye.  

I do some succession but not alot.  I just plant for the season too and then harvest.  I do succession sunflowers as the public still has a love affair with them.

Hope it works for you
Sue zone 5
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