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And there have been no anti-conventional, anti-GMO diatribes? One side 
is as guilty as the other.

Avalon Farms Homegrown


>FYI -- A bit of a conflict of interest here, behind the scenes. It  
>turns out the Op Ed writer, Jackie Avner, runs a biotech company with  
>her husband called "Transgenic Pets" working to genetically alter  
>animals to be non-allergenic. No word on the success rate of this  
>enterprise, but in the brave new world of genetically engineered farm  
>animals -- 997 out of every 1,000 experimental animals die gruesomely  
>at some stage of development or another. Meanwhile, the FDA hasn't  
>ruled on legalizing the process yet.
>And Jackie wasn't even very original in her diatribe -- it's pretty  
>much out of the Alex Avery playbook, employee like his Dad, Dennis,  
>at the far right Hudson Institute. He maintains milk is milk, while,  
>in reality -- Avery is Avery, bucks are bucks, and propaganda is  
>propaganda. Most likely this is part of a series of planted anti- 
>organic hatchet jobs. Kind of sad, really...
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>>Robin asked:
>>What do you agree with?
>>>Reasons you should buy regular goods
>>>By Jackie Avner
>>>Article Last Updated: 07/27/2007 10:40:10 PM MDT
>>>I don't like to buy organic food products, and avoid them at all  
>>>cost. It
>>>is a principled decision reached through careful consideration of  
>>>of organic production practices on animal welfare and the  
>>>environment. I
>>>buy regular food, rather than organic, for the benefit of my family.
>>Thats what we have done as a family for 40+ years, and for different
>>reasons, if I wanted to go organic I could not, as many of the  
>>foods that
>>interest me are not available. In the process of raising 3  
>>youngsters in one
>>of the 3 or 4 poorist counties east of the mississippi (Robin gets  
>>to be in
>>#1) price was everything, and sometimes still is.
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