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<p>I think it would be a good idea to cut them back to about 4-6&quot;. You want to make sure that the plant's &quot;balance&quot; is shifted toward the root system. This almost always true with woody plants when you transplant them. Water them in well at planting time. Make sure they don't suffer for water during the growing season and they'll optimize their growth. Topdress with compost and they will be happy campers. If they happen to bloom, pinch off the blossoms. They'll reward you with much more production in year two. Good luck!</p><p /><p>Bill</p><p /><p>&gt; &gt; &gt; We just transplanted some of our raspberry volunteers into new beds. Most &gt; were good size 1/2 inch by four feet long canes. Would it be best for me to &gt; prune these down to a foot or two in order to help focus energy to root &gt; growth? &gt; --Gary &gt; &gt; _______________________________________________ &gt; Market-farming mailing list &gt; Market-farming at lists.ibiblio.org &gt; http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/market-farming &gt; &gt; </p>
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