[Market-farming] Green Garlic

Sue Wells farmersue at hughes.net
Sun Apr 29 05:22:03 EDT 2007

The small ones can be eaten or used whole, the whole plant, as it is very
tender. At this time I have hundreds of little ones, as they were left from
last year, and are unseparated bulbs, but no market for several weeks, so
these will be too big to sell. I plant my small bulbs left over from last
year about 3-4 weeks before the Markets start, and plant more each week for
awhile. These don't sell well, but they like the samples. I love them and
keep hoping they will catch on and will sell well eventually. These as well
as scapes are so good cut up in butter for garlic butter. I also chop them
up and put them into my herb bread I sell.  

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