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> Marlin - Good to hear from you. How are you doing?

I am commuting daily from a rented house about a mile and a half from the 
farm to do chores and to work the fields.  No action has started yet on 
rebuilding the house since demolition several weeks ago.  There is still a 
lot of mess to clean up and some things that need repairing.  Looking at the 
dumpster full of metal junk and the bare slab that was my house every day 
gets pretty depressing.

We have a greenhouse full of plants and some stuff planted and growing 
outside.  I'm selling some stuff at our farmers' market.  Its not all that 
much but at least it is something.  Our CSA distribution season starts in 
about three weeks.  Sometime in that time interval I need to finish building 
the packing shed and get an 8 x 10' walk in refrigerator moved and 
installed.  My proudest accomplishment so far is the 72' x 10' high tunnel 
that I finally got skinned this week and presently have full of lettuce 
which I plan to start marketing this coming Saturday.  I borrowed an idea 
from the Haygrove folks and combined it with a refined version of my own for 
holding down the plastic in the wind and still allowing side ventilation 
without roll up pipes and cranks.  Let's hope it works!  I guess I'll find 
out the next time we get 2-3 days of 50-60 mph winds.  I plan to go ahead 
and put up another 100' one by next week.  If I can find the time I would 
like to take some pictures and put them on my blog.

I have nearly 300 tomato plants about a foot tall and rearing to get out 
into some real soil.  Some of them will go into the 72' high tunnel as the 
lettuce comes out.  The rest will go into the 100 footer and wherever else I 
can fit them in.  Meanwhile I keep dreaming of red tomatos in mid June

Working hard to keep looking up while things are still down
Marlin from Va

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