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Brigette Leach avalonfarmshomegrown at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 23 20:18:32 EDT 2007

Although I don't know where you are located, I will share a tidbit 
pertaining to problems with corn mazes and other agri-tainment 
enterprises in my area. Many of the headaches I've heard about revolve 
around zoning issues. Maybe you have local officials who are easy to 
work with?!? So before investing any more, my advice would be to check 
to see if what you're planning will be allowed. There might also be 
issues with restrooms and food service if you are including it. It would 
be a shame to get everything ready and then not be allowed to execute 
your plan. Have you checked on liability insurance and any restrictions 
coverage might bring forth?

Also, a while back I remember an article in /Growing for Market/, 
addressing the issue of fire safety in corn mazes. I sort of gave myself 
40 lashes with the ol' wet noodle after I read the article, since my 
husband is the township fire chief and still I had never considered the 
fire issue.

Good luck,
Brigette Leach
Avalon Farms Homegrown
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Rose Hill Plantation wrote:

> We planted 8 acres of corn today in anticipation of having a corn maze 
> this fall.  Have any of you ever had one, and if so, what is the best 
> way to do it  Is is better to contract with someone to do it for you, 
> or buy one of the GPS kits  - or, is there a better way.  I can't seem 
> to find a whole of information anywhere.  All options are expensive 
> and I don't want to make a huge mistake.  Thanks for your input!
> Pam Corey
> Rose Hill Plantation
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