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John -

Johnny's Selected Seeds offers some good info on the website:

What you should know about
Commercial Growers' Edition
HARVEST AND STORAGE: Optimum diameter size for harvest is 1 1/4"-2", and
up to 2 1/4" is acceptable. 7" long is a typical length, but in our
trials, all varieties grow longer than this with no apparent lack of
quality. Small amounts can be harvested with a digging fork. For
mechanical harvest use root crop or modified potato harvesting
equipment. Be gentle, as bruises may encourage rot during storage. Do
not wash.
Ideal storage conditions are 32-34 degrees Fahrenheit (up to 37 degrees
is acceptable) with 96-98% humidity. The longer the intended storage,
the more critical it is to meet these specifications. Forcing is
possible after only a week's rest. Small amounts can simply be
refrigerated in a perforated plastic bag. For small to moderate amounts,
we use a root
cellar and store the roots in bushel-size paper seed bags that come
lined with a thin layer of plastic. Any plastic bags, slightly
ventilated, will work. Woven plastic burlap feed bags or bins lined with
damp sawdust should also so well. Monitor the roots occasionally,
sprinkling with water if they are drying, or increasing ventilation if
there is any slime or mold...

This is only a small portion of the PDF document available on Johnny's
website. It is a bit of a process to store and force them, but once you
get set up you should be good to go for years. 
Good Luck!


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I was wondering if anyone has grown belgium endive before?  I understand
that you grow a root - witloof endive - and then force them in the dark
to produce a chicon, but have no experience growing, forcing, or selling
them.  Are there requirements / restrictions for the environment used to
force them, and do the chicons store well, or would I have to keep a
continuous amount in various stages of "sprouting"?  Thanks for any
John DiZazzo
Roundabout Farm /
Compassionate Roots
Keswick, VA

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