[Market-farming] Spring freeze was "incredible", Missouri state climatologist

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Mon Apr 23 01:36:16 EDT 2007

In addition to the hardship on farmers who lost crops
or were forced to replant, see the following notes from a 
climatologist about the unprecedented weather conditions 
surrounding the recent Spring Freeze.

Steve Diver 



Pat Guinan, Missouri State Climatologist observes:

"I cannot recollect a period during this time of year 
where we had such an abrupt transition in temperatures 
that were averaging 20 degrees above normal to 20 degrees 
below normal. Some locations across the state were 
experiencing record highs last Tuesday and were setting 
record lows 4 days later. It’s nothing short of incredible." 

"What made this situation even more troubling was that all 
the cold weather had come on the heels of an unusually long 
warm period.  In fact, preliminary numbers indicate it was 
the third warmest March on record for Missouri and the warmest 
in over 60 years for the state. For example, the average high 
temperature for the last 11 days of March in Columbia was 75° 
and the average low temperature was 57°, nearly 19° above 
normal for the period and more typical of the last week of May.  
I’ll delve more into the state climate records but it appears 
we have witnessed a weather scenario that was unprecedented 
since records began (118 years ago)."


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