[Market-farming] rural markets

Steve Diver steved at ipa.net
Sat Apr 21 14:49:23 EDT 2007

Hi Roxann -

Kingston is a beautiful little town, way out there in 
the remote Ozarks. 

A few vendors (three to six) is probably all that 
you need. 

Berryville, AR, has just a few vendors at their FM.

Suggest that you include crafts and home-made foods 
under the producer-only umbrella and thus promote a 
local economy.

But you might want to include a limited brokerage
option for the local growers.

Since many of the touristos driving thru are hikers, campers, 
and canoers on their way to the Buffalo River.... snack items 
like apples and trail mix could be appealing, items that you'd
purchase and re-sell to target towards outdoorsy/traveling 
folks... including bikers. 

Musicians add attraction and hold people for longer 
spells, too. 

The challenge is getting people to come soon so you can 
make money while you stand out there the first few Saturdays.  

You might consider special attracts to bring out the 
crowds.....  a 47-pound rooster named Rex, a hog calling 
contest, a book signing, a motor bike rally.

You might find that a few special FM weekends in late Spring 
and Fall will be all that Kingston can really support.

West Fork, AR, just started up their FM after a thirty 
year absence from the old FM days.  It's far more eclectic 
and funky with a mix of items ranging from market garden produce 
to bird gourds and walking sticks and bird houses, foods, 
and jewelry compared to a typical produce-and-flowers heavy 
FM like Fayetteville.

Good luck,  

Steve Diver
Austin, TX

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