[Market-farming] rural markets

tonitime at juno.com tonitime at juno.com
Thu Apr 19 12:22:48 EDT 2007

Hi Roxann,
    This is the same dilema for our area - just as Lynn put it.  I have
agonized whether to bother around our alleged market with one or two
vendors at best.  We do have the support of the extension service, but
not the citizenry.  We have vry low density population, many of who keep
gardens on their farms. seasonal tourism close by, no restaurants that
actually don't do "can-opener cooking", citizens of few means who eat
very few varieties of vegies.  I think of doing it as part of my
community service, but wonder if i can afford such time over several
seasons to maybe  help make it happen.  I simply cannot yet see that it
would be worth my time, and do anguish over that.  What can you say about
an ag area that doesn't even feed it's people well.  It is very
frustrating, as where i came from we had incredible ag diversity with
willing consumers, who actually cared about the difference between
conventional and naturally-grown produce (and the time that takes).  Here
it is all about getting to buy eggs for a dollar a dozen, and tomatoes
around that per pound!  Perhaps when my husband retires in a few years
and can help me on the farm more, it can be a thing to put energy into.
It is a good thing life has such beauty around here to balance out
everyone's hardships!  In the meantime, at home, we will eat like royalty
- with vegetables from many cultures. 
Toni in KY 

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