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Are the organizations you mention membership based? Or are they part of 
a governmental entity? Please tell me more. What type of programs? What 
are the demographics of the area your market is in?

I hear you when you are questioning the time, expense and energy you've 
devoted to a market. It does take a great effort to establish a new 
market. But then again, it also takes a lot to revive one that is 
struggling. How many vendors do you have and what would be your ideal 
number? Are stalls for non-food items allowed? What are the fees?

Thanks for the time you've taken to comment,
Avalon Farms Homegrown

Lynn Wigglesworth wrote:

>In Pennsylvania, the organizations that assist farmers' markets
>concentrate on the more populated areas. We are in a very rural area, and
>the message I hear over and over from Farmer and Farmers' Market groups is
>"that program hasn't gotten to your area yet". We started a new farmers'
>market last year and haven't gotten any help. Local, county, state
>government, cooperative extension...none have given much support. We have
>no funding (except what we get from vendors' fees), had to find our own
>location (we are not allowed on The Green in town), pay for advertising,
>print our own fliers, find vendors, make our own signs, etc. with no help.
>Running a farmers' market is a lot of work and out-of-pocket expenses; we
>had our own lives and farms to run. 'Market Manager' is an unpaid position
>in my market (vendors' fees barely paid for advertising), and I close down
>my own Farm Stand on Fridays to do the Farmers' Market, but never made
>more than $30-40 on a market day. And I'm doing it again this year (and
>wondering why).
>Lynn Wigglesworth
>Peasant Farmer
>Tioga County, PA
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>>Just a thought...does Arkansas have a state-wide farmers market
>>organization? If so, it can potentially be a good resource for the
>>decision making process on whether to start a market, how to structure
>>the governing organization, and once up and running other resources such
>>a food laws, contacts, and such. Perhaps others on the list can comment
>>on the services and resources their state-wide farmers market
>>organizations provide. It could be helpful to many. I'd also be curious
>>who is eligible for membership in the organization...farm markets only,
>>or are farmers eligible as well.
>>Roxann, it sounds as if the town has some assets that could be
>>capitalized upon. From what you've said, people are looking for a way to
>>connect and find a sense of community. Farmers Markets can be the tool
>>to build it. Can you find support for a market from local government? Is
>>there a Chamber or other economic development body in the community? Any
>>possible assistance from extension service...either county or state? Is
>>there a local newspaper? Is a public/private school located in town? Do
>>you have your own fire department or does the service come from a
>>neighboring area?
>>I'm asking all these questions to keep you thinking about the resources
>>that might be available. Over the years, I've found it productive to
>>first identify a need, which you have done, and then assess the
>>resources available to address the need.
>>Good luck,
>>Avalon Farms Homegrown
>>roxann wrote:
>>>Has anyone had any experience with farmer's markets in very rural
>locations? our town is very small, pop. ~ 400-500, but we're also pretty
>isolated. our town square is dying, as the businesses are closing and our
>wonderful old buildings are lying unused. the old mercantile store shut
>down recently and the owner is open to working with me to establish a
>market there. the town is a tourist rest-stop, crossroads in the middle of
>nowhereand lots of bikers pass through on saturdays. there is one general
>storewith a bathroom and necessities, and a grill, still open but she is
>flailing, too, and i don't know how much longer she can hold out.
>something like a farmer's market to bring the people to the square more
>often would likely help the few remaining businesses. the locals seem to
>enjoy comingout of the hills and woods for even the smallest things, so i
>am thinking this might be something that might help.
>>>roxann, kingston, ar
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