[Market-farming] Light Stand Question

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Thu Apr 12 16:16:32 EDT 2007

Here's a dumb one:

I've got one of those big light stands that Harris Seed used to sell.

It's 4 teirs and each tear has something like 6 3" deep plastic trays on it.

I'm going to be using it because its cold and dark here.

I just noticed that a 20-row tray snaps ontop of the trays that come 
with the plant stand.

This is my question:

Am I supposed to be filling the trays that come with the stand with 
water for bottom watering?

I think they will hold it, but I see nothing in the 'instructions' 
that come with the stand.

I'm not runnng out there to fill them with water right now because it 
seems to me that there has to be a downside to having too much water 
on the bottom of a tray, but...

What do I know?

Advice, please.

Thanks -Allan

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