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courtney mcleod sunmoonriver at windstream.net
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I can't give any kind of evidence to back up what I am about to write but...

I have been told that it is bad b/c of the fumes, I think the CO2 and all.
But I use one once in awhile in my little greenhouse....14' x 36' and I have
not had any repercussions from doing so.  Of course, there are drafts as it
is not 100% closed in, but it is my heated one, so it is pretty tight.  I
burn on low for no longer than 8 hours at a time.  And I have never had it
going for more than 3 nights in a row.  With it being off during the day of
course and only running it at night.  Now, mine is the kind you would use in
the house, not one of those construction ones or a jet heater thing.  I
forget the proper name for it!  It has helped me out in a pinch a few times
especially when the power goes out from 15" of snow in mid April!  I may
even use it in my unheated one tonight.  The sides roll up on that one
though , so I am not sure how much I will keep the heat in.  And with the
price of kerosene...they may just have to fend for themselves one more

Herb Thyme
Middlefield, Oh

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I have a 96 x 100 hoophouse with tomatoes in the ground and all my seedlings

in trays. I'm trying to keep the plants alive for the next couple of nights 
when temps might reach between 15-25 degrees. I thought I would try a 
kerosene heater for this period of time, but wondered if the fumes from the 
kerosene would cause any damage to the plants. Anybody know?

David Tannen 

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