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You will probably be okay, you did not mention what type of heater
it is but assuming it looks like a tube sitting horizontal on top of the oil 
tank here are some thoughts.

Ventilate well before entering after it has been running.

A small unit running constant is better than a large one running on a 
thermostat as starting and stopping are the "dirty" part of the process.

There is a danger of burning all the oxygen and causing heater failure, or 
enough of the oxygen to cause a dirty burn; take a 10' length of 3or 4 inch 
pipe and have one end outdoors and the other real close to the back end of 
the heater.

Use a good grade of kerosene, not diesel or furnace oil.


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>I have a 96 x 100 hoophouse with tomatoes in the ground and all my 
> in trays. I'm trying to keep the plants alive for the next couple of 
> nights
> when temps might reach between 15-25 degrees. I thought I would try a
> kerosene heater for this period of time, but wondered if the fumes from 
> the
> kerosene would cause any damage to the plants. Anybody know?
> David Tannen

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