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Asiatic lilies? The plants will take some cold. I have some in crates in my
hoophouse that have started coming up, about 6 inches tall. It gets down
into the 20s at night in there. I put row cover over them to try to trap
some heat from the ground.

Beth Spaugh
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Another trick used in south Florida that you don't hear about much any more
is the use of wind.  If the air is kept moving the frost won't settle.  In
south Florida my dad was hired frequently by large farmers to take his small
airplane and fly over fields of crops, down low, in the early morning light.
The results were dramatic.  The fields right next door that weren't flown
over suffered killing frosts.  Those that small planes flew over were
Depending on the space, fans can be used to keep the air moving.

Bob Brocious 

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>An old trick in orchards is to turn the sprinklers on.  If the plants are
>covered with ice, they will have little or no damage.  But for flowers, the
>ice may be too heavy and cause damage by the weight.  Perhaps you could
>the water off before the weight is too great.  Smudge pots or smoky fires
>have been used with some success too, but this is in orchards.  I'd guess
>you don't have too much to loose by trying.
>West Texas Zone 7b
>On 4/3/2007 9:23:56 PM, sue roseman (swissy at socket.net) wrote:
> > Help! I am about to lose all my early flower crops to a hard freeze.
> > any one have any suggestions? It is suppose to get to about 20 one night
> > and 24 for 2 others. I am sooooooo depressed. Hundreds of lillies up
> > from that really warm spell.
> > Sue from north MO
> > Zone 5
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