[Market-farming] Typical retail markup

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Your right, I should have said 50 to 100 percent markup.  Math wiz that I am


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> Rachel,
> It varies.  Talking to Whole Foods about their markup and they said 30 to
> percent.  If they think they can sell more at a lower price point, they

Grocery stores like to think in terms of "gross margin", which is, I 
believe, is their markup amount divided by their retail selling price.  
I think of a mark-up percentage as the markup amount divided by the 
cost.  Grocery stores seem to be happy with a 100% markup, which is 
a 50% gross margin, which is price=2xcost.  If you sell something for 
$1 and the grocery store sells it for $2, that is 100% markup or 
(($2-$1)/$2)= 50% gross margin.  Please correct me if I've screwed this 


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