[Market-farming] hard freeze

TxBeeFarmer TxBeeFarmer at HotPop.com
Tue Apr 3 22:42:51 EDT 2007

An old trick in orchards is to turn the sprinklers on.  If the plants are 
covered with ice, they will have little or no damage.  But for flowers, the 
ice may be too heavy and cause damage by the weight.  Perhaps you could turn 
the water off before the weight is too great.  Smudge pots or smoky fires 
have been used with some success too, but this is in orchards.  I'd guess 
you don't have too much to loose by trying.

West Texas Zone 7b

On 4/3/2007 9:23:56 PM, sue roseman (swissy at socket.net) wrote:
> Help! I am about to lose all my early flower crops to a hard freeze. Does
> any one have any suggestions? It is suppose to get to about 20 one night
> and 24 for 2 others. I am sooooooo depressed. Hundreds of lillies up alot
> from that really warm spell.
> Sue from north MO
> Zone 5

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