[Market-farming] BCS air filter

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Mon Apr 2 06:33:38 EDT 2007

Just a question: did you walk into you local independent lawn 
equipment repair shop and ask them what they have? Depending on what 
engine is on your BCS, there's a very strong chance that it's a 
filter they will have. That's where I pick up ones for my HONDA 
motors that come on pumps and whatnot. -Allan

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>Can anybody tell me where I can get a replacement air filter for a 
>BCS 722 tractor?  I've just spent hours on the Net trying to find 
>one (the number on the filter says 631252) and this number just 
>doesn't come up anywhere.  The guy we bought our tiller from is 
>gone, and where I am, a tractor NOT green IS alien.  If you have the 
>same model as me, what kind of air filter do you use?  Thanks much.
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