[Market-farming] dream tiller

Kelly Saxer kellysaxer at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 29 22:38:19 EDT 2006

I have a Kubota 7510 (about 20 HP), so my tractor can't really handle a 
tandem disc...I have a 4 ft. offset disc that I bought new from a Gearmore 
distributor...paid about $1,000.  Below is a link to the Gearmore web-site 
where they've got pictures of the smaller offset disc as well as a number of 
larger tandem discs.  A used disc would certainly not be hard to find in 
certain parts of the country where small farms are a little more prevalent 
and would save you some money, I'm sure.


Desert Roots Farm
Queen Creek, AZ

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>so, offset or tandem, discs. Doesn't really matter?
>What sortof price range are we talking here? -Allan
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