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joe and trish jeusel at ix.netcom.com
Sun Sep 24 21:20:43 EDT 2006

Greetings to the list.  I was wondering if anyone has used Twilley seed from their catalog?  
www.twilleyseed.com  I have an old 2005 catalog and if the prices are even close now to their prices then it is a deal.  I also have a question about running a CSA in the same city as other people who do it.  I am slowly putting my field in order and planning out how to best use it for cropping.  My concern is that even though I live in a city of a couple million people I would imagine, ( Phoenix ) , how do I best operate without stepping on others territory as far as the customer base?  I have e-mailed the other person ( Kelly ) who is also on this list, and she is very friendly and states that she is way open to free enterprise.  I check out her awsome website on occaision and she seems to have all of her shares taken quickly but I never want to interfere with anothers livelyhood.  Look at me ! I'm talking like I'm a a real farming threat !!!!!!!!  LOL !  But seriously I want to remain friendly with all who are interested in quality produce.  I am supposing that my entry into this will be at the farmers market level until I am sure that I can maintain production to meet demand.  I love this list !!  You guys are great people and I rush home daily to read all the wisdom from you first thing from work.  Joe Useldinger
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