[Market-farming] sandea was Drip Tape &Fall sales slump

Robert Schuler sunnfarm at verizon.net
Sun Sep 24 10:02:26 EDT 2006

No... 9 months is the replant date. If you apply sandea in June of 2006 on tomatoes you have to wait 9 months or after March 07 to replant tomatoes on that same patch. Sandea is applied three weeks after transplanting tomatoes. This gives tomatoes time to establish themselves so that won't be harmed by the herbicide. A half ounce per acre is sprayed over the tops of the plants onto weed free soil. Rain or sprinklers incorperate sandea into the top  inch of soil where it creates a protective barrier to germinating weed seeds... Bob.

You applied Sandea and then waited 9 months to plant tomatoes?

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