[Market-farming] Drip Tape

cjmaness at juno.com cjmaness at juno.com
Thu Sep 21 10:43:52 EDT 2006

We tried burying our drip line this year, when we planted potatoes. We
were already into a dry season and it seemed to make sense to put the
drip down into the trench with the seed potatoes. Our potato yield was
incredible. The down side was: we still had critters digging up the line
and chewing on it. It was very difficult to repair. The weight of the
potato vine made it really tough to pull up enough line to get a repair
coupler on it. Also, we noticed that towards the end of our rows we
didn't have enough pressure to water the last 100' or so. There again, it
was the weight of the plants sort of blocking off the flow of water. We
don't have terrific water pressure any way, and that made it worse.
This were minor problems when we factor in our increased yield. We really
feel like this is the way to go with potatoes. I'm not sure what we will
do different to correct the water pressure problem. Maybe we will plant
shorter rows. Right now, all of our rows are 500' long. 
As for the drip getting chewed up, I had thought maybe using a heavier
mil would make a difference. We are using 6 mil right now. My husband
used 15 mil on some of his research plots and he still had critters
chewing it up. I guess it is something we just have to live with, and
keep plenty of repair couplers on hand!

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