[Market-farming] Drip Tape was Fall sales slump

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Row crop drip tape is buried around 14 inches deep for cotton, but the depth 
depends on what you're planting and how deep you plan to till the ground. 
It's put into the ground using a chisel or curved shank with a tube welded 
on the back side.  The drip tape goes down the tube and will feed from a 
roll as you pull the shank down the row - you don't need to dig trenches 
except at the end of the turn row where the distribution manifold goes.  Use 
multiple shanks and multiple rolls of tape to make it go faster.  You can 
mount the rolls on the tool bar, or pull a trailer if you wish.  As far as 
lasting, if nothing chews it up or you don't run into it with a plow, I'd 
guess 20 - 30 years.  Of course, you'll need to pump acid through it every 
once in a while to keep the holes clear, just like you do when it's on top 
of the ground.  You should also note that the moisture from buried drip tape 
probably won't be enough to germinate seeds.  You'll need to water to get 
your crop, or time your planting to a rain.

Hope this helps.

West Texas Zone 7b

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> Yes, drip can be a real pain in the neck if you have to hoe a planted
> crop or want to re-till between crops. I'm verging on going back to
> overhead sprinklers, but I'm sure that that will lead to more disease
> among the leafy greens, and whatnot.
> Someone on this list mentioned burying drip tape for row crops in
> beds (I think). I'd like to hear more about this. (How deeply it's
> buried, how it gets down there, how long it lasts, and so on.)
> Thanks
> Allan Balliett
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