[Market-farming] Fall sales slump

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Maybe in high school and college they didn't teach how to prepare quick,
easy meals in advance. Real tough stuff, all that old fashioned
housekeeping and home economics. Do they teach how to select frozen dinners
now? Oh well, I suppose all that old stuff is beneath our educated society
now. Killing ourselves by "degrees" ... 

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On 9/20/2006 at 12:43 PM Wiediger, Alison wrote:

>Well, the McDonalds nearby has a huge early morning business - grabbing
>a quick meal on the way to soccer, etc., I guess.  No time to cook!
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>Odd, since people still have to eat. What is it now, hot dogs and beer,
>chips, fast food? At the Santa Fe market near us they're still running
>70-80 growers every market day, same crowds. 
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