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cjmaness at juno.com cjmaness at juno.com
Tue Sep 19 18:42:51 EDT 2006

I sent this out once, and then the computer crashed. So, if you all
already received this one, just ignore it!
I wanted to say thanks for all the tips regarding drip lines and critters
chewing on them. We have had some rain since then, and while it helped,
we still haven't got all the problems solved.
I'm trying to bush hog all the weedy overgrown areas so the critters have
fewer places to hide.
Also, we don't currently grow any garlic, but the OSU/OKC farmers market
surely has lots of vendors that do. That would be very close to the
Norman area.
I do plan on planting garlic as soon as it arrives, but we tried it once
before without much luck. We will try again though.
Also, does anyone grow blueberries as well as other veggie crops? We have
a real shortage of fruit crops at our market and you know what they say:
"find a niche and fill it" But.... it is just the two of us. We want to
keep it that way. How labor intensive would blueberries be, along with 5
acres of veggies and cut flowers? Would I be working myself to death?
Also, how many plants does one put in to have enough to supply a small
farmers market? I have checked internet sources, but really can't come up
with anything conclusive. Varieties? I know University of Arkansas has
done a lot of work with blueberries, but are there any real world
examples out there of  'Ozarkblue'? That one, and maybe 'Summit' are the
varieties we are considering. 
Thanks again,

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