[Market-farming] Market Sales

cjmaness at juno.com cjmaness at juno.com
Tue Sep 19 18:14:15 EDT 2006

Does anyone else have a problem with market sales this time of year? We
have noticed that our sales slump every year around this time. We know
part of the problem is we simply don't have enough tomatoes to boost
sales right now. Despite trying to keep the spring planting going, and
planting again for fall, we can't get the timing down so that we have a
continuous supply.  We have winter squash nearly ready for harvest as
well as lettuce and cole crops. We added cut flowers this year and that
has helped, but it still doesn't make up for the tomatoes. We have a few
apple trees and our apples sell for the same price as our tomatoes, but
there again, it doesn't seem to make up the difference.
Any ideas? Is there some fool proof way to have great tomatoes this time
of year?

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