[Market-farming] Political or Religious groups at Market(Patrick Mulkey)

Patrick Mulkey Mulkey at tunl.duke.edu
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We tell them to campaign in the free speech area. It is really not a problem 
and I can tell you Chapel Hell/ Carrboro is very active in the politics. The 
free speech area is free and in the last presidential election the Kerry 
folks sold there yard signs. We and the town would have a problem with bake 
sales because we have bakers in our market and there are health regs. as 
well to consider. The free speech area is outside the market area. We have 
had folks who put flyers on cars which is also outside the market area.

Patrick Mulkey

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> The Town pressured us to change but we compromised and there
>> is
>> a side walk coming into our market where anyone can setup a table(s) and
>> push their opinions. We call the area free speech zone but we do not
>> advertise it. The market manager direct those groups to that spot when
>> they
>> arrive. I have noticed folks putting flyers on cars but we consider that
>> outside the market area. There are customers who wear shirts and buttons
>> as
>> they shop and candidates who will walk around the market from time to 
>> time
>> but we restrict campaigning. Vendors may and do display material but that
>> is
>> a personal decision. Hope this helps.
> Believe me...at this point anything helps!  When you say "we restrict
> campaigning"...exactly how is that done?
> We have political parties who want to set up bake sales as fund raisers,
> do any of your people in the free speech area actually sell anything?
> Are they charged fees like the vendors?
>                             Many many thanks   Sora
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