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>I have a lot of tomatillos and don't know what to do with them.  They
>were volunteers from last year.
>Most of my customers are the same. Anyone have any good and simple
>recipes I can give out with the tomatillos?
>Nancy, Sulphur Hill Farm Garden, zone 5

You can add them to ratatouille.  You can roast them in the oven with other
veggies - this is very good, btw.  You can add them to chili, if you wish -
just cut them in half and toss them in when the chili will cook for about
15 more minutes.  You can add them to a stir-fry.  I've used them in all
these ways. 

I bake chicken pieces in the oven with chunks of carrots, onion and
potatoes (with some white wine and herbs) - I add tomatillos to this when I
have them.  (We grow them so we have a lot of them sometimes.)
I haven't actually made salsa with them, but of course the classic use for
them is in salsa verde.  

Salsa verde recipes:  http://tinyurl.com/ntg3g

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