[Market-farming] Political or Religious groups at Market

Patrick Mulkey Mulkey at tunl.duke.edu
Mon Sep 18 14:36:50 EDT 2006

We faced the same problem here at the Carrboro Farmers Market. We had a 
policy of no person or groups walking or setting up tables to peddle their 
opinions. Which was setup back when we were on private property. We are now 
on public property. This also included folks who wanted to give away kittens 
and puppies. The Town pressured us to change but we compromised and there is 
a side walk coming into our market where anyone can setup a table(s) and 
push their opinions. We call the area free speech zone but we do not 
advertise it. The market manager direct those groups to that spot when they 
arrive. I have noticed folks putting flyers on cars but we consider that 
outside the market area. There are customers who wear shirts and buttons as 
they shop and candidates who will walk around the market from time to time 
but we restrict campaigning. Vendors may and do display material but that is 
a personal decision. Hope this helps.

Patrick Mulkey
Chapel Hill, NC

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> >A question for all you good folk, especially any of you involved in
> Farmers Market Management.   Do your markets allow political parties or
> religious groups to set up at market?  If not, why?  If so, are there any
> specific guidelines or regulations followed? What are the legal
> ramifications?
> Where do you draw the line between educational outreach and soap-boxing?
>                      Many thanks   Sora at Paradise Valley Organics 
> N.Idaho 

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