[Market-farming] Cellophane bags (was Pint clamshells)

Christina Palaia cmpalaia at comcast.net
Thu Sep 14 09:14:48 EDT 2006

How do you find cellophane bags work with fresh greens? I love the idea that
the bags are made from natural products and are biodegradable, but when I
tried cellophane, my greens wilted within 2 days of being put in the bags
versus staying crisp and fresh for more than 2 weeks in (unfortunately)
polyethylene bags. I'd love to hear some other growers' experience with

Also, if you're interested, I was just in contact with an independent broker
for BioSolo bags (check out http://www.biocorpna.com/about/ for more info);
he sent me samples of the BioSolo bags  to try, which I am currently doing.
The Web site says this about the film used to make the bags: "The patented
polymerized material used to make Biocorp film products is an extrusion
ready resin, consisting of a blend of recycled polyethylene (both pre and
post consumer) and virgin Polyolefins (by-products of the petroleum
industry), combined with a mix of all natural mineral based
pro-oxidants..Biocorp biodegradable plastic film products (such as leaf &
yard bags and organic waste collection container liners) are specifically
designed to fully mineralize under conditions consistent with all composting
systems." Currently, the manufacturer offers those type of bags mentioned
previously-yard, leaf, waste-but it is looking to get into producing a line
of produce bags in various shapes, sizes, and colors and is looking for
input from people/producers. ( I can give you the broker's contact info,
probably off-list is best.) 

In regards to true biodegradability, reducing the waste stream, and being
healthy for the planet from start to finish, I am not sure how the Biocorp
plastic film compares to Oxo-Biodegradable films, which can also be
composted in simple composting systems as well as commercial facilities (as
opposed to PLA biodegradables, which, I understand, must be collected and
specially composted or else they add to the waste stream.). I have much more
research to do, but if anybody has more information, I'd be interested in
hearing it.


Firefly Mountain Produce
Steamboat Springs, CO 
FireflyMtn at comcast.net 

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