[Market-farming] GAPs mandatory - respond please

Lucy Goodman goodows at infinet.com
Thu Sep 14 07:28:16 EDT 2006

Is this a national program? I ask because this is the first I have heard 
of this. The ODA has made no mention of it to me (and they send me 
things all the time so I know I am on their radar as a producer grower). 
I have heard of no classes to take or any of that.

Boy it sounds like the big boys really want us little folks to go out of 

Lucy Goodman
Boulder Belt Eco-Farm
Eaton, OH

TradingPostPaul wrote:

>"On May 31 the USDA Agriculture Marketing Service announced that growers
>will have to receive GAP certification as well by July 1, 2007".
>paul, tradingpost at riseup.net

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