[Market-farming] Safer Insecticidal Soap vs Harlequin Bugs

Allan Balliett aballiett at frontiernet.net
Wed Sep 13 21:33:31 EDT 2006

>There's good information on using intercropping for pest control in general
>Certain practices are more practical than worrying about every specific

Paul - Have you ever had any experience with Harlequins. Let me tell 
you this: top university recommended trap crop is MUSTARD. Guess 
where I've got harlequins this year? Well, if you guessed cabbage, 
broccoli, beets and rhubarb, you're correct. If you included MUSTARD, 
you're wrong, because there just aren't any harlequins in the mustard 
(but they are in the tatsoi in the next bed). My point is: these guys 
prefer brassicas, but they will eat (and kill) most anything. I did 
notice during this evening's squishing, though, that the bugs on the 
beets are not nearly as FAT as the bugs in the turnip tops.

Having had just about everything destroyed, I'm more than happy to 
listen to your experience.



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