[Market-farming] RE Containers for Salsa

Juanita Garcia nitag at ev1.net
Wed Sep 13 10:00:49 EDT 2006

Good morning!

I too make salsa, as well as a variety of other goodies; I pack them in
a Solo deli cup that I get from my local foodservice/restaurant paper
supplier. You could also try finding them by doing a search engine for
the Solo Company and then asking them for a local supplier.

Here are some item name/numbers for reference:

8-oz. container DM8 (good for pesto)
12-oz. container DM12 (good for hummus)
16-oz. container DM16 (good for salsa and prepared salads)
One-size-fits-all lid for these containers LG8

These containers are not microwavable, but Solo does make a line of the
same sizes that are microwavable (including a 32-oz size that's great
for soup).

I stack my containers in my ice chest, but usually the stack height is
governed by what's in the container (i.e. what does it weigh, how much
liquid does it have); 8 & 12 oz. containers with non-liquid product can
go 5-8 containers high. Salsa in 16-oz. containers never goes higher
than 3 high because the weight on the two bottom containers causes the
liquids to seep despite the fairly tight seal of the lid.

Juanita Garcia
Aunt Nita's Homestyle Foods
Garcia Eggs & Herbs
Leander TX (zone 8)

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