[Market-farming] Pint clamshells

Robin Follette marketgardener at thymeforewe.com
Wed Sep 13 05:36:31 EDT 2006

>>>Has anyone tried out the clamshells made from corn? I use cellophane bags 
>>>that are compostable for most of our market items, but there are some 
>>>vegetables/fruits that would display better in the clamshell. I wish I 
>>>could just forget the packaging, but it's amazing how much better even 
>>>tomatoes sell, if they are in a package of some kind.
Below is the website and description for the clamshells I've been 

I haven't tried them on my farm but I've used them when buying mushrooms.  I 
visited an organic mushroom farm where these are used.  The clamshells look 
just like clear plastic.  Andrew said he couldn't find a way to get away 
from packaging.  This works well for them.  They're compostable.  I didn't 
find any trace of them in my compost pile.

Robin Follette
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