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I keep my drip line above ground.  It's much easier to work with that way, 
unless you're using it for row crops, then it's better to burry it.  Anyway, 
to keep the critters away from your hose, sprinkle blood meal along the 
tubing.  The blood smell will keep most things away, with the exception of 
rats.  Rats do come out at night and they will chew up your drip line.  In 
the case of rats, the blood meal will attract them.   I've had field rats 
destroy my melon patch too.  Look for their droppings to determine what's 
eating your line.  If I had to guess, I'd pick rabbits, gophers, or 
squirrels, in that order.  Oh, if you use blood meal, a little goes a long 
ways.  It's a strong nitrogen source, 13-15%, and can burn your plants if 
you put too much.  It makes a wonderful nitrogen fertilizer in small 

Good Luck
West Texas Zone 7b

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> Hi,
> I'm new to the list, and just wanted to say Hi to everyone. I have been
> reading the latest posts, with interest. My husband and I farm about 5
> acres here in central Oklahoma. We sell our produce at the farmers
> market.
> Right now we are struggling through the drought, and the critters that
> keep chewing up our drip lines. We can't turn the drip on without walking
> every single line looking for holes. If anyone has any suggestions for
> deterring these water starved creatures I would sure appreciate it!
> Carla
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