[Market-farming] growing corn, grinding and making corn meal

Errol Castens castens at nepower.coop
Tue Sep 5 12:58:12 EDT 2006

We had a vendor who brought a grist mill to our open-air market on a
trailer, grinding cornmeal on site with one of those old popping engines
(two stroke?). Some customers enjoyed the nostalgia, but the engine fumes
were terrible, and the noise was objectionable to some (including, of
course, the musicians we had inadvertently scheduled for the same day).
The cornmeal was a popular item, though, down here in "Cornbread Nation."

There are special flour corn cultivars, but I've personally used a variety
of field corns.

Don't know, but I'd bet many states wouldn't require an inspected kitchen
for grinding meal. You definitely want to freeze it if it's going to be
more than a few days between grinding and sale. (Tell customers to freeze
it, too: The germ, which is taken out in most store-bought meal, can turn
rancid if exposed to warmth and air for long.) Too many people want to
cook but don't know how; furnish easy recipes!

On Tue, September 5, 2006 11:18 am, John Hendrickson said:
> I am curious about this too.  I suspect the corn would need to be ground
> and bagged in a certified kitchen.  Then you'd need to deal with storage
> to
> ensure that critters did not get into the bags.  Cornmeal alone would
> likely not warrant building a kitchen facility but if it was part of an
> enterprise that produced other items it might make sense.  Of course, you
> can also sometimes find certified kitchens to rent or use for
> free.  Anybody out there grinding corn on a commercial--but small--scale?

Errol Castens
Oxford, Mississippi
Zone 7

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