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What you have is called bacterial spot. Once this gets in your garden it lives on in the soil, on your stakes and if you save seed it lives dormant on the seed until next year. Picking from infected plants spreads the bacteria to the next plant. There is nothing much you can do except sterilize your stakes, Clorox soak your saved seed and rotate your garden out of tomatoes for at least three years...Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

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Well, I took inventory yesterday and most of my tomatoes all have what I call septoria spot.  Little and larger spots in the center of yellow spots.  Am I right on this?  I am not sure if I have actually seen any of the blights, and photos online don't do my any help.  They are never good enough and I need to see the whole plant!  But I am still trying learn about those d*!~# diseases!

Herb Thyme
Middlefield, Oh 

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