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         This won't be much help but I just got back from Bolivia where I 
took a photo of two women pulling a plow through a soon-to-be-planted 
potato field, with a third woman steering the plow and "team".  You asked 
for human powered implements!  In fairness, nearly all other fields I saw 
were prepped by Massey-Ferguson tractors, with subsequent maintenance 
tillage mostly done by pushing sweeps or forked cultivators through the 

Ohio State's Muck Crops Branch in Celeryville, Ohio has some old rolling 
blade cultivators (like a reel mower with straight blades) that work on the 
histosols except when road gravel gets in.  The blade wheel binds up when 
it hits any gravel or rocks.  Great for rock free, organic rich soils only, 
blades about a foot wide.


At 10:20 AM 9/1/2006, you wrote:
>One year I visited an elderly woman in Kansas who
>lived in the country and was proud of her vegetable
>garden and the canned vegetables she put up.
>She had a single-handle push basket weeder that
>also had tines on side.  So you can flip the weeder
>over and dig thru the soil with tines or flip it over
>the other way and just push the basket weeders
>to stir the soil between rows.   It was about 10 or 12
>inches wide so it would fit between row crops.
>I saw this on a garden tools web site a couple years
>ago so it might be available, only I don't know recall
>which website.  (I'll pass it along if I see it again)
>In general, are you familiar with sources of hand-pushed
>basket weeders of any kind?
>Another source I'm wondering about is a star-weeder that
>can be widened or shortened with a gang of stars, to again
>stir the soil between crops.
>In fact, I'll be glad to hear any other suggestions for
>human-powered market farming tools, including
>your favorite wheel hoes and attachments.
>Much appreciated,
>Steve Diver
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