[Market-farming] Push-handle basket weeders

Steve Diver steved at ncat.org
Fri Sep 1 11:20:23 EDT 2006

One year I visited an elderly woman in Kansas who
lived in the country and was proud of her vegetable
garden and the canned vegetables she put up.  

She had a single-handle push basket weeder that
also had tines on side.  So you can flip the weeder
over and dig thru the soil with tines or flip it over
the other way and just push the basket weeders
to stir the soil between rows.   It was about 10 or 12
inches wide so it would fit between row crops.

I saw this on a garden tools web site a couple years
ago so it might be available, only I don't know recall
which website.  (I'll pass it along if I see it again)

In general, are you familiar with sources of hand-pushed
basket weeders of any kind?    

Another source I'm wondering about is a star-weeder that
can be widened or shortened with a gang of stars, to again
stir the soil between crops.

In fact, I'll be glad to hear any other suggestions for
human-powered market farming tools, including
your favorite wheel hoes and attachments.  

Much appreciated,

Steve Diver

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