[Market-farming] Gladiola fall treatment

marcy marcy at aculink.net
Fri Oct 27 13:11:54 EDT 2006

Thanks Nancy! I appreciate your response.
We got them dug before the snow hit here and have them semi-warm now. The
leaves weren't yellow yet, so I think we'll leave them on for the two-week
curing time.

Subject: Re: [Market-farming] Market-farming Digest, Vol 45, Issue 16
> I just came across this paragraph on glads in our newspaper.  Dig out when
> the leaves turn yellow or frost kills foliage.  Cure for 2 weeks in a warm
> place. Gently remove any soil and foliage from the corms.  Store in a
> and dark location.  Store insect and disease free corms in a mesh bag or
> ventilated, uncovered container.  Check monthly and remove any corms that
> turn soft or rotten.
> Nancy
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> Subject: Re: [Market-farming] Gladiola fall treatment
> This was my first year for glads at the market. I put the last planting in
> too late and the final few blossom stalks were frozen. We're in Zone 5 and
> I'm planning to dig them up in the next few days - any suggestions on what
> to do or not to do?  I've checked several of my books and haven't found
> on fall treatment.
> Should I leave still greenish leaves attached to the corms or trim off?
> Any special conditions for curing?
> Winter storage similar to potatoes?
> Marcy

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